Projexx’s journey started at the age of 12 years old when he began to experiment with songwriting and production in his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica. The son of producer Lloyd “John John” James and grandson of legendary dancehall producer Lloyd “King Jammy”; he learned the fundamentals of music by sitting in and observing their studio sessions where he would use his feverous curiosity and acute observation skills to absorb as much knowledge as possible – which he would soon apply to his own work. His music is as versatile as his life experiences; as a teenager, he would travel back and forth between Jamaica and Brampton, Canada, to live with his aunt. The more he was exposed to a new culture and lifestyle, the more his adaptation abilities and desire to keep his music as diverse as his upbringing expanded through his work. His influences span from Drake to Dennis Brown and everything in between, – self-described as “a melting pot of musical genres” – he draws inspiration not from just one source but the combination of many. Projexx describes the biggest challenge of being an artist today: the ability to sustain motivation through the navigation of the complicated industry hierarchy, hardship, and life’s adversities, which to him, is a challenge he is continually faced with yet consistently overcomes by being fiercely committed to his aspirations, feeding off of the energy of his fans, and his international recognition as an up-and-coming force with which to be reckoned.

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